Parrot AR.Drone – The Ultimate Geek Gadget

Written by Thomas

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Parrot AR.Drone – The Ultimate Geek Gadget

This kind of flying saucer toy can be controlled by the iphone or ipad! I have seen it flying around in Barcelona and it is really cool!
You can take a look at this video and see the Parrot AR.Drone flying:

The coolest things of this geek gadget are:

  1. The static flight! it can stay almost without any movement in the air – as if there were no gravity!
  2. It has an integrated camera! You can see the “cockpit-view” on your iphone screen
  3. You can do a lot more advanced flights: check out more videos here at: the official Parrot AR.Drone youtube channel
  4. It is super-resistant! You can crash against walls or other objects – It doesn´t harm the Ar.Drone
  5. The developers even plan to integrate an augmented reality video game for it soon!
  6. cool stuff!

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