The 12 Most Bizarre Iphone Accessories Of All Times

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The 12 Most Bizarre Iphone Accessories Of All Times

If you think your Iphone is too boring then you should check out those bizarre Iphone accessories.
You will be surprized how many odd accessories for your Iphone are available on the market. Is there maybe something that you might want to buy or are these things too crazy for you?

Maybe some of those would be a cool birthday present for a friend 😉

1. The Iphone Loudspeaker Amplifier

This horn-style amplifier looks a bit retro, but it works!

2. The Han in Carbonite Iphone 4/4S Case

Star wars fans will for sure love this Iphone 4/4S case!

3. The Iphone controlled quadricopter

The remote controlled quadricopter “Parrot AR Drone” will make the little kid inside of you happy. Can be controlled by Iphone, Ipad and other devices.

4. The 80’s style Iphone case

With this retro mobile phone accessory you will look like an investment banker from the 80’s!

5. The Big Red Camera Button

You hate it when the camera button is in the touchscreen? No problem, with this Iphone accessory you will have a big red camera button attached to your phone.

6. Gameboy-style Iphone skin

The good old Nintendo Gameboy will become your companion again with this Iphone 4 / 4G accessory.

7. App Icon Fridge magnets

Not sure what Iphone Icons on your fridge will be good for? Well this post is about bizarre things 😉

8. Cassette Silicone Case

Turns your phone into an oldschool cassette.

9.Chocolate Iphone Cover

The sweetest Iphone Cover on the market

10. R2D2 Case

The cutest movie robot of all times from the legendary Star Wars movies for your mobile phone!

11. Leather book case

With this accessory your Iphone will look like an old historic book.

12. Public Phone Iphone Cover

Remember the old public phones? With this Cover your Iphone 3 / 3G will look like one of them.

Did you like this list of bizarre Iphone Accessories or do you maybe know more weird things for the Iphone? Please don’t hesitate and write a comment below!

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