The Weird Explanation What Facebook Is For

Written by Thomas

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The Weird Explanation What Facebook Is For

What is facebook actually? A social network? Ha! Listen to this funny comic dude and see why facebook is a “massively multiplayer online roleplaying game:-)

The best part is when he explains how you should organize your friend´s lists :-)

My favourite quotes:

The main objective is to collect “friends”
I like it because I never had many friends in the offline world and I have loads of facebook friends now!
The smallest group in my list is called “People that I sometimes physically see”
a group called “People from the past”
people who for whatever reason stopped communicating with me.
we had nothing in common, but now we suddenly do have something in common again
the largest group is called “people from various websites that I will actually never meet”
the last group is the “good looking females” group which is subdivided in “way too young” “impractical or unavailable” or “potentials”

Loved this “What facebook is for” video :-)

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