Weird Dating In The 80´s Video

Written by Thomas

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Weird Dating In The 80´s Video

OMG! Dating in the 80´s was a kinda weird procedure. The oddest dating freaks of this decade you can see in this awesome video.

I almost can´t believe it. Was Dating really that bad in the 80´s? Tsts…

My favorite quotes:

“Early to bed, early to rise… makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise – and that is why you are wiser than me”

“I´m looking for the goddess! Are you the goddess??”

“Hi Mum!”

“I consider myself a refined value dude”

“I am looking for a trendy girl with a simple smile”

“What I am NOT looking for is some big, overgrown monster that is always thinking about food”

“My favorite food is pizza”

“I am looking for somebody that likes to have a lot of fun”

“Life is a playground and I want somebody to play with”

OMG! weird dudes…

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